H7B | Relocatable partition

Consisting of a 75-mm aluminium frame, the main technical feature of the H7B relocatable partition is the way in which it is mounted; this ensures a perfectly flat surface thanks to an innovative and modular system for adjusting the panels. Fitted on one or both surfaces, the H7B is also designed to seamlessly link with the other partitions in the H7 family, irrespective of their filling.

Std dimensions

Thickness 75mm
Aukštis 3000mm*

*upon request




Specific aspects

Configuration(s) | H7B relocatable partition


Assembly | H7B relocatable partition

Related products to H7 Standard

  • Boards with pencil-line junction, integrated in the upper and lower profile
  • Maintaining with hook system on the back of the boards
  • Lacquered aluminium cover-trims (30mm) for junction with glazed partitions and door modules

Options :

  • Profile with rails
  • Electric skirt (horizontal/vertical)


Doors | H7B relocatable partition

Doors options:

  • Swing doors / Sliding doors
  • Hinges / Pivots
  • With or without over panel

Recommended doors:

  • H’Flush 75 wood ou H’Flush 75 aluminium
  • Tertial
  • Wooden

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